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New Balance

AVmedia and New Balance have been in partnership for over 10 years. Many young companies have a key client that was the foundation for growth and without it, would struggle to attract new clients, talent and have cash available for new equipment.

We continue to serve New Balance today and recently helped them communicate with their Licensed New Balance Store Owners.

During the planning process, our Show Producer came up with a set design that worked really well with the clients "Fearlessly Independent" tag line. Our creative team produced graphic and video content for their meeting, including a quick on-site piece that really helped the client tell their story.

Impactful Graphics

Any presenter who steps foot on a stage to deliver any kind of message, has a few key objectives. One of those objectives is for the audience to understand the information being delivered and for as much of that information to be retained. Clear and succinct visual graphics are a key element of effective communication.

On the Fly Media

During the meeting, the client needed to communicate a new transaction process, but didn't have a visual demo. The idea came up to actually have someone just do it and film it. Our Videographer went out to a near by New Balance store, captured the process, edited the video onsite and had a finished piece ready before the presentation.
Watch the video here.

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