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Adaptation in a Flash

How The Institute of Internal Auditors' and AVmedia pulled together their creative minds to accomplish last minute virtual greatness!

The world is a different place than it was just a few short months ago. Businesses were booming, big events were thriving, everyone could get a haircut. Recently we woke up to a new world and what was once familiar has changed…but that doesn't mean we have to wait for things to get back to normal. Instead we must forge on, adapt, and evolve.


AVmedia is no stranger to evolution and the power to adapt. So, when we got the call from The IIA's Director of Event Production and Event Technology, Samantha Lazo, about helping them turn their event into a Virtual Experience, we snapped into action!

In a matter of days, together we transformed an event that was projected to have 1,300 in-person attendees into a virtual General Session and an additional concurrent track with an entirely virtual audience. 


Racing Against the Clock

Planning an event is no easy task to accomplish. Turning the event into a virtual experience can seem even more daunting. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of the challenges to overcome. The night before the Livestream Event was to begin, the host venue notified The IIA that they would be closing before the two and a half-day event could be completed. 

While The IIA's team condensed a two and a half-day meeting into one, AVmedia was determined to utilize the condensed setups to their full potential while readjusting schedules and getting the show loaded out prior to the venues closing.  “While this event being completely virtual was new for us and our client” said Jeremy Erickson, Senior Project Manager for AVmedia, “being able to assist in non-traditional ways is something we pride ourselves on.  Our ability to utilize pieces from the existing set and create a studio environment allowed for The IIA to get their message out to their attendees.”

Successful Event

After months of planning and a week of changing all of those plans, The IIA's "Virtual GAM" was a success. In the past, their numbers for online participants would be around 100 attendees and this year exceeded more than 500 viewers. We have been partners with The IIA for many years and appreciate them for letting us be a part of their journey.

Whether you’re planning an In-Person Event or a Virtual Event, we look forward to learning your goals and how we can apply our Process, our Passion and our People to help you accomplish all of your event goals. 

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