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Live Events

Creating an inspired event begins with an understanding and appreciation of your gathering's objectives, and an awareness of all solutions. Inspiring your audience beyond expectations accelerates action and extends event ROI. Partnering with AVmedia takes your audiovisual services and event technology to another level.

There are many practical reasons why AVmedia's teams continue to be the choice for organizations desiring creative and technical event and AV partners. We operate our own equipment and thoroughly understand the technology involved, Enabling AVmedia to deliver superior value to our clients and on-site partners.

Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Production Services

  • Audio/Visual Production

  • Scenic Exhibit & Environment Design

  • Awards Shows

  • Theme Development & Activation

  • Business Meetings & Events 

  • Tradeshow & Interactive Installations

  • Mobile Tours

  • Live Streaming & Broadcast Events

  • Music Events & Festivals

  • Product Launches

  • Sponsorship Activation

 And More!

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