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More than a Place for your Derrière

How Seating can enhance audience engagement

In today’s live event industry, audience engagement is more important than ever. One of the most overlooked details is the seating arrangement. Selecting the right layout has an enormous impact on your guests’ experience. While some layouts are better suited for learning and brainstorming, others are more appropriate for encouraging networking opportunities, or team-building exercises. The proper room layout will improve overall audience engagement and create a more lasting impression.

We have all seen the few industry standard seating options - theater style, classroom style, and rounds (always fun for the people with their back to the screen) - These arrangements have become the basis of how most venues figure out the room capacity. Rather than settle for lack-luster seating options, here are four creative ideas to inspire your attendees.

unique event seating for audience engagement

AVmedia | creative outdoor seating | Orlando
Creative outdoor seating

Bring the Outside Inside (or vice versa)

By bringing unexpected seating into the event, you’ve already sent a message to attendees, “This is not your average event”. Bringing outdoor furniture into the venue can also tie nicely into theming such as “Earth First” or Sustainability. And vice versa, bringing fine indoor furniture to the outside can elevate any outdoor experience.

AVmedia | Orlando | light up furniture

Light it Up

Illuminate the event from the floor, to the tables and chairs. When you see “glowing” furniture at an event, it gives guests a whole new experience. Not only does this sort of furniture provide a way to make an environment look incredible, it is also functional, low cost and safe to use.

AVmedia | Orlando | cool event seating ideas

Lounge Around

Lounge seating can provide a feeling of intimacy (even with large group sizes). Many “hip offices” including Google are utilizing this sort of seating, so why not benefit from trend?

creative event seating ideas from AVmedia


And if you are looking for something hip and affordable, considering bringing guests to ground level with bean bags, pillows, and soft blankets. This cozy environment has become more with conferences that incorporate a lot of brainstorming sessions and intimate keynote sessions such as Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine conference

It is important to remember to pick the right seating for your event and your attendees but don’t be afraid to do something different. Fun and functional seating can enhance the feel of any event and you are only limited by your ideation or that of your event partner. The idea is to offer an environment that is not only comfortable, but also makes a lasting and memorable impression with your attendees. So start creating - the sky is the limit!

At AVmedia, our goal is to help you determine these and other types of creative solutions that will make your event memorable!

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