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Three Reasons to Plan Your Event Early and Where to Start

Events can be many things - informative, innovative, fun – but they should always be well planned. Your event plays a key a role in your company’s marketing plan and thus its overall business strategy.

Once you’ve strategized and you have a vision in mind for your ideal event, it’s time to secure those ultimate keys to success: talent, location and, of course, the best prices possible.

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Here are Three Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Next Big Event

#1 Get Your Team

Securing a talented production team early has many benefits including the opportunity to produce a seamless, more creative and effective production and stage design.

Meet with your production team as soon as possible to share the vision of your event. Whether you rely on an in-house team or an out-sourced production management company, let them know what you want. An experienced team will help to bring your event to life.

With that said, a talented production crew can get booked-up quickly, especially in the busier seasons. Maybe you’ve worked with a great team in the past – contact them quickly! Reaching out to the production team early can ensure you work with a crew that is already familiar with your company, your work flow and is skilled in handling your particular needs.

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#2 Secure the Location

Now that you have your team, start scouting locations. Will you be in a hotel ballroom or convention center? Business headquarters? or maybe an outdoor location? Also, is there a specific date you must have? In some cities, finding a location large enough to hold your attendees can be a challenge, and even more of a challenge when you need a specific date. For these reasons, it is critical to secure your venue as quickly as possible.

While you’re looking at venues, be certain that you speak with the property owners to discuss your specific event needs – audio visual, staging, décor, etc. - and determine what is provided and what things you will need to outsource. In fact, most production teams will be able to help you with this, as well.

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#3 Get the Best Value for Your Spend

Many of us look to last year’s budget when it comes to planning our next event but be aware that time is everything in this industry. Waiting too long to get in touch with vendors can often leave you with unexpected or higher costs due to late booking fees, rush orders and surprise post-event fees. Take some of the stress (and budgetary burdens) off of your shoulders and speak with your event production team early.

The earlier you can begin conversations with your event crew, the sooner they can begin to lock in the best pricing for you. A good production company can even consult with you while you review your venue contracts prior to signing them.

So if having a great event, with very little headache, and at a low price sounds appealing, start planning now.

Your event is a reflection of your brand and company culture, so take this opportunity to design the best experience and leave a lasting impression. For questions or assistance with your next big event, feel free to reach out to our AVmedia family.


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