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A Message from our CEO...

Thank you very much for being a loyal follower of our AVmedia family. Hopefully, you are all taking good care. My message shared below comes from a place of determination and deep belief in the hospitality and the live events industry. I welcome your thoughts and hope we can have an opportunity to work together very soon.

All of us in the meetings and events industry are working tirelessly to find work for great people in our companies. We need live events to strongly return for these great people. And might I note, we are a contracted on-site partner with several amazing Hotels and Resorts in the industry. So, first and foremost, I hope you’ll choose one of our partner hotels for your next event someday.

With that said, obviously on-line and virtual events have exploded out of necessity, and they can be the ideal solution for certain types of messaging or audiences. No argument. Our team has already produced many impactful online meetings just in the last couple of months, with more to come. But to those of you who cherish and crave in person face to face connection, like me, we believe meeting live is always best, and face to face will be back in our future.

OK, now an ask is coming…AVmedia has the talent, technology, partners and proven results to continue to thrive in the on-line/virtual meeting spaces. So, if your company or organization is absolutely not going to go to a Hotel or Resort (or need help picking a great one), or you are considering cancelling your meeting/s altogether, I implore you to consider letting us know. We want to help you get your message out in an efficient, technically sound, creative, engaging, and fairly priced way.

Bottom line, if you just aren’t comfortable or able to support a hospitality venue, and make no mistake, hotels and resorts have done miraculous work to be clean and safe, (I’m traveling as I type this) PLEASE don’t cancel altogether… We, or one of our great meeting planning partners can help get you on the right path.

We need to keep messaging and keep meeting. We need to keep the engine warm. Your employees, your cause, your cultures and your mission need the support.


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