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Four Festive Ways to Celebrate with Your Employees and Clients this Year

Tis the season to be socially distant

If you’re looking to really “sleigh” your employees and clients, have we got four fun and festive ideas for you. In a time when we can all use a little more cheer, why not spread some joy through one of these clever approaches, you might even start a new and beloved holiday tradition.

1. Happy Faces for the Holidays

If you’re missing all of the familiar faces from around the office or community, consider assembling a digital memories collage. While this year might have kept us at a distance from one another, you can share the feeling of togetherness while sharing meaningful and even hilarious memories from the month's past. Give everyone a laugh or make it sentimental through a virtual memory book. From heartfelt to the laugh-out-loud moments, make these memories meaningful by showing off your Tik Tok challenges or even your sourdough bread fails from quarantine.

2. Holiday Meals Delivered to Your Audience

If you feed them, they will smile… okay, it’s a stretch but it’s true. Hybrid events are also stretching their offerings. Event production companies, like AVmedia, work with local hotels and catering partners to deliver a holiday hybrid event complete with your favorite holiday fixings – did someone say pumpkin pie?

The distance may be great, but you can still share a holiday meal with your team or clients, virtually.

3. Animated Holiday Message

Consider sending a new and improved holiday email blast or give your webpage a seasonal touch. Not to boast, but our creative team at AVmedia can customize a special Holiday animation to suit your needs. These fun and festive animations will bring a smile to all who view it.

4. Virtual Holiday Celebration

Thanks to technology, you can still host a creative holiday event complete with guest speakers (anyone from the boss, or visiting Exec., to your lovely granny), customized lower thirds, as well as chat functionality, and live Q&A.

Send your friends, family, employees and customers a personal message made just for them using our studios in Orlando, FL and Phoenix, AZ. Have a green screen at home? We can work with that too.

Hopefully, one of these four suggestions is getting your imagination flowing. Just because there is a distance between us (6 feet or larger), does not mean we need to be distant from one another. Thanks to these seasonal solutions, you can show your appreciation to those who need to hear it most.

Our legacy of expertise in events (live, hybrid and virtual), on-site partnerships and creative content creation delivers unforgettable and immersive experiences, contact us today for more information.


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