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Five Reasons why Hybrid Events are Perfect for your (Millennial) Audience

Hybrid events have come on strong since the Coronavirus Pandemic began, but these hybrid events were a long time coming. Millennials have been demanding these options, and it’s fair to say, Millennials have become a dominant force spending over $200 billion dollars annually. So yeah, we want to meet the needs of this demographic. And while the ability to appease this audience is a key reason to host hybrid events, here are five more reasons to consider a hybrid event.

1. Increased reach & attendance

A hybrid event is not an isolated experience, it is one that bridges the gap between the virtual and in-person community. It is important to deliver a quality experience and level of service to both audiences. Hybrid events enable you to reach a much larger audience, while still providing the great experience to those traveling to the desired hospitality venue of choice.

2. A More Engaged Audience

Millennials in particular thrive in a world that is both physical and digital. This is the first demographic that has always had access to the internet and craves things such as hashtags, YouTube videos, and the world of Fortnite. This is the perfect environment for creatively designed, well thought out hybrid events that weave the interactions had by both virtual and live audiences. We can design a hybrid event anywhere across the nation that is refreshing and unique and enhances this sort of audience engagement.

3. Reduced Environmental Impact and Costs

One of the beneficial components of a hybrid event is its affordability for attendees who might not be able to cover travel and accommodation costs. In addition to reduced costs, more and more attendees are becoming aware of their carbon footprints and are seeking to reduce their own personal carbon emissions.

4. Ability to Reign in Short Attention Spans

To capture the full attention of an audience can be a challenge, and to capture the attention of two audiences can be even more of a challenge. However, it can also be seen as an opportunity to capture this audience’s desire to multitask. Hybrid events allow (and often encourage) attendees to “jump” back and forth between content, social media sharing, devices and community interaction.

5. Enhanced Designs

Hybrid events are more than just different camera angles. It's the production, it's the directorial vision of the hybrid event that elicits emotions and creates lasting impact. Your people are experiencing “Zoom burnout” to an even greater degree. Don’t let your message get lost on those people that need to hear it most. The overall design of your event is what provides the connection to your audience, not just a simple video connection. With AVmedia, it’s our enhanced design and exceptional in-person service that provides the ultimate hybrid experience for wherever your attendees may be.

We understand that pivoting your Live Event into a Virtual or Hybrid event can be stressful and even a bit scary. 

Trying to navigate the various web streaming platforms that are available and figure out whether this one or that will work for your particular event can be a daunting task. But at AVmedia, we have an entire team of creative professionals HELPING YOU create the perfect hybrid Event.

Our legacy of expertise in events, on-site partnerships and content creation delivers unforgettable and immersive experiences, contact us today for more information.


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