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Doing More With Less?

With staffing shortages, supply chain delays and COVID uncertainties, many meeting planners are being forced to do more on the job with less resources. Don’t forget…you are not alone! You’d be surprised how much a good production partner would be willing to do to help minimize your stress, even if you think it’s well beyond the scope of actual production!

In the first of our 3-part series, we explore some ways your Production Partner could help with the challenges you are facing when planning your events.

Maximizing Space and Identifying Schedule Efficiencies:

You found your venue, now it’s time to do EVERYTHING else! Don’t be

afraid to turn to your Production Partner for help. AVmedia family members

have walked the floors and set up equipment in venues across the country

MULTIPLE times. Why not utilize their knowledge and expertise?

They can help you assign breakout space in a way that is efficient for attendee

flow, room turns and audiovisual setups. Most importantly, they can help you identify ways to avoid hotel room turn charges or over-time for production crews.

The same is true for your on-site Production Partner. No site visit? No problem! AVmedia’s hotel service family members often see agendas from meeting planners who have not been able to do a site visit. They can help you with the logistics of your event. They understand room sizes and setup configurations that work. They also know the schedules of other events at the venue and can help you create an efficient schedule with no double-bookings. Knowing the venue inside and out, the right partner can help you assign breakout rooms efficiently and ensure your main session rooms are being used to their full potential.

You may think these things are not audiovisual related, but they are! When your Production Partner helps you make your meeting more efficient, they are also making the production elements more efficient!

Start by asking your Production Partner these questions:

1. Have you been to this venue before?

2. Am I utilizing my space efficiently?

3. Are my breakout rooms in a good


4. What setup configuration will make

the most sense if I have room turns?

If you are doing all you can but you still need help, contact AVmedia. We take pride in being “One Team: Seamless With You” before, during and after your event.


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