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8 Ways to Create an Interactive Hybrid Event

It’s obvious hybrid and virtual event options will be here to stay. Attendee interaction and engagement is often the first concern when running just this sort of show. Naturally you may be a bit apprehensive. Our team at AVmedia is sharing with you 8 tips to generate an interactive hybrid event that will ensure a positive experience.

1. An Emcee or moderator Brings Polish to Your Event 

Not only can it help to drive awareness, but hiring an emcee gives attendees the feeling of being included. They “know” someone. Some of the largest virtual events, especially those that are full or multiday shows use an emcee. The emcee can help to control the flow of the show, particularly between recorded sessions and can also give a person the sensation of a live event even when viewing from his or her own home.

2. Offer multiple channels for participants to ask questions.

Some of us prefer text messaging to email, or chatbots to live Q&A. Give people the opportunity to submit their questions in whatever way is most comfortable. That also provides the host with more discussion points and content.

3. Add virtual sponsorship opportunities

Everyone enjoys a good swag bag. Whether your participants are live and in person, or across the state, you can easily deliver unique event items to their door. You can also consider a virtual swag bag. Sponsors can help to decrease any event costs.  This eliminates the fear of lost revenue for meeting and event planners while also allowing for sponsors to reach their target audiences.

4. Think Outside of the (Lunch)Box

Participants, no matter where they may be, are still hungry. Find a sponsor and partner with organizations like GrubHub or local caterers to deliver boxed meals. The gift of food is always well received. 

You could also turn the camera onto the chef. Enlist the talent of a chef, deliver grocery lists to attendees and allow them to dice, chop and sauté right along with the chef. A delicious and interactive meal experience is easily created in the home environment.

5. Provide pop-ups where remote participants are able to engage.

Various remote locations in conjunction with your live event allow for more participants to engage. Those persons at the remote locals will appreciate the live-stream as well as the opportunity to interact with other remote attendees.

6. Do not schedule wall-to-wall content

Just like as in a live event, one speaker after another in a virtual or hybrid setting is just as exhausting. And just like at a live event, your attendees will value the time to interact with one another – in person or via chat boxes, your attendees will want to communicate and it is your responsibility to encourage that.

7. End your event on a high note

You could enlist the services of a DJ, or band, or just a virtual chat session, but whatever you do, have an engaging end to the event and leave participants with the ability to connect with you and with other attendees post event. Keep the conversations and the event alive for days (even months) afterward.

8. Hire an experienced tech team to handle the bells and whistles

Technology is a guessing game for many. Avoid the stress and risks by trusting a skilled team of technology experts like those at AVmedia Inc.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan or not of these new virtual and hybrid events, meetings and events industry experts predict these everts are here to stay. If you aren’t already thinking of including virtual and hybrid events as a part of your competitive marketing strategy, here are five great reasons to consider it now.

With the interactive event tips we’ve already shared with you, planning your virtual or hybrid events will come together easily. Avmedia Inc. Is here to help you get started.

A hybrid event is not an isolated experience, but one that bridges the gap between the virtual and in-person community. Our legacy of expertise in events, on-site partnerships and content creation delivers unforgettable and immersive experiences, contact us today for more information.


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