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7 Ways to Enhance Your End of the Year Awards Events

It’s the end of the year and despite what a year it’s been, there are still team members to honor, and encouraging messages to be shared. That’s why we are providing you with 7 clever ways to zhoosh up your virtual awards, end-of-year, and recognition events.

1. Your Message Matters

No matter the size of your audience, or where they may be, it’s most important to create a strong message. Your message can help you to craft additional media and content around a theme. The theming will help to enhance the message and create a more impactful experience for individuals no matter where they may be.

2. Celebrate the winners like it’s the Oscars

You are recognizing individuals and teams for what they’ve done. Why not focus a light, a camera and some attention on those people? Whether it’s a pre-recorded acceptance speech, a story about the winner(s) from other colleagues, or an on-the-spot zoom moment, let the winners really experience the moment.

virtual celebration | end of year event

3. High-fives from Afar

Encourage team members to interact! And what better opportunity for people to do so then by encouraging them to recognize and congratulate the winners. By providing this opportunity, your team can strengthen bonds and dedication to one another and the company despite whatever distance there may be.

In need of some ideas? There are private chat rooms, live streaming messaging as well as good-old-fashioned e-cards.

4. Create Pod Parties

Producing any sort of event is an excellent way to encourage comradery amongst your team. By establishing various remote locations in conjunction with your live or hybrid event you allow for more participants to engage. The people at the remote locations will appreciate the live-stream while also getting the opportunity to interact with other remote attendees.

5. Gifts Are Never Out of Style

Everyone is proud to accept an award. Whether your participants are live and in person, or across the state, you can easily deliver unique event awards and gift bags to their door. You can also consider sending virtual gift bags to your team members. Work with local vendors to collect or create your company inspired treats that show your crew just how much you appreciate them.

6. Festive Food Offerings

Did someone say food? In the same way you might deliver gifts to attendees, food is not out of the question either. You can go the simple route and have cookies or snack packs delivered to the door or punch it up with uber eats or a local caterer. You could also go a different route and provide a discount code or gift card so that attendees can select their meal options.

7. Add celebratory flair with live or pre-recorded entertainment

Every event needs a little entertainment. Consider breaking up your virtual extravaganza with both live and pre-recorded entertainment. Can’t fit professional entertainers in the budget or perhaps you’re looking for a more personalized feel? Maybe Joe or Dave, or some other person in the office is known for his or her musical talents known throughout the workplace. It may be worth putting together a more personalized experience for all.… either way, some form of entertainment is engaging and adds another layer to your hybrid event experience.

Meet Joe, our rockin' VP of Sales!

8. Hire an experienced tech team to handle the bells and whistles

Technology is a guessing game for many. Avoid the stress and risks by trusting a skilled team of technology experts like those at AVmedia Inc. to produce your virtual ceremony.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan or not of these new virtual and hybrid events, industry experts predict they're are here to stay. If you aren’t already thinking of including virtual and hybrid events as a part of your competitive marketing strategy, here are five great reasons to consider it now.

With these virtual end-of-the-year tips we’ve shared with you, planning your virtual or hybrid awards event will come together easily. AVmedia Inc. is here to help you get started.

A hybrid event is not an isolated experience, but one that bridges the gap between the virtual and in-person community. Our legacy of expertise in events, on-site partnerships and content creation delivers unforgettable and immersive experiences, contact us today for more information.


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