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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Conference or Event

Whether you’ve been in the event planning business for a decade or you’re new to the game, when it comes to planning your next conference, the devil is in the details. While your guests may not pay attention to all that went right, they will undoubtedly be able to point out the mistakes that were made.

To mitigate a bit of such stress, here are five details you won't want to forget when it comes to designing and running your event.

One More Day

When speaking with your contact at the event venue, and prior to signing your contract, try and place a 24-hour hold on all meeting rooms that hold sessions over multiple days. This allows your AV partner to keep its gear in place and the client gets to avoid costly re-set labor charges.

Make Space

If venue space will allow for it, and once again, before contracts are signed, try and designate one of the meeting rooms as a dedicated storage room for your AV partner – they may have quite a bit of gear and unsightly cases. Of course, this only applies to those clients using an outside provider.

Whatever the Weather

The weather can be a fickle thing. Regardless of your location (Orlando, Phoenix, or some sunny paradise), expect the unexpected. Have a plan in the event of rain or cold. That may look like heaters or tents brought outside to protect from the elements, or a backup location. You might have the ability to plan the perfect event, but you can’t predict the weather.

Give a Little

When partnering with your venue of choice, allow for additional fees within the contract for the use of outside vendors. Sometimes these outside vendors can provide you with that personal touch and creative design ideation that’s important to you and will help your event standout.

Freedom of the Flow

Depending how dispersed your attendees are from the conference spaces, don’t forget to factor in transportation. Attendees tend to choose their own timeline at these sorts of events so planning various transportation options available at all times alleviates any challenges with regard to start times and attendance.

While you may not be able to plan for every issue that might arise, we've shared with you those that are often overlooked and can have a significant effect on the overall conference. Create a positive and lasting impact with your attendees and add these five points to the planning’ll be thankful you did.

Your event is a reflection of your brand and company culture, so take this opportunity to design the best experience and leave a lasting impression. For questions or assistance with your next big event, feel free to reach out to our AVmedia family. AVmedia is known for its international production and creative services team, as well as its growing on-site audio visual and production services arm that is focused on changing the stigma around what people think about “in-house AV.”


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