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Remote Participant Events

This type of event brings the presenters into the same space as the technical staff and event staff; whether in a studio, hotel meeting room or corporate office space.  This presentation area will be set up to allow for proper social distancing and sanitization, however, there will be NO live audience in the room. The entire attendee population will be remote.  It should be noted that Some presenters may still present remotely if they choose to do so. 

Event Capabilities_1@4x.png
  • Live Demonstrations

  • Keynote Speaker Presentations

  • Panel Discussions

  • Training Sessions

Features Available@4x.png
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  • Live Q&A

  • Live Chat

  • Online Registration

  • Click Analytics

  • Attendee Profile Creation

  • Live Polling

  • Word Clouds

  • Graphic Assistance (I.E.- Opening Videos, Speaker Transitions, Lower Thirds, and more!)

  • On-Demand Viewing

  •  ​​

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