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The normal stress of standing in front of an audience and delivering content is hard enough.  How do we help them deal with presenting to a “virtual” audience?  Whether they are alone in a home office, or with other speakers on a stage, the key is rehearsal.  

  • For Remote Presenters. Insure they have proper lighting, audio and video with an appropriate background.  Ask them to do their best to condense their presentations to something under 30 minutes. No segment should exceed 45 minutes.  Consider Pre-recording presentations if possible and do Q&A live.  Finally…even if the speaker is familiar with the platform and your event format, insist on a technical rehearsal prior to the event.  It’ll make them more comfortable knowing what to expect. 

  • Moderators and (if necessary) a person dealing with Questions from the remote presenters are important to rehearse as well.  Think of them as the Co-Anchors of a News broadcast.  They are there to keep the remote audiences engaged by acting as their liaison to the Presenter.  They also help transition between Presentations.   

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