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Presentation Support

No more bland and lifeless presentations. Our Graphic Design Team can make your next presentation both exciting and informative. Let us create visually stimulating design elements to better frame your message.

AVmedia can design your theme graphics, templates, infographics and cohesive Powerpoint or Keynote presentations to give your event a professional, well-tailored aesthetic. Our team is ready to take your event beyond standard audiovisual needs.

3D Presentations

Moving over to the digital era can have some perks. One is being able to explore the opportunities of 3D presentations. This type of presentation allows your speakers to stay on screen but also have a graphic element that is different from a picture in picture like you see on your local news. 3D presentations mostly consist of shapes or diagrams that you can rotate or zoom in on. 

Below is an example of how a 3D presentation can look.

(video does not have audio)

Virtual Environments

Have a green screen but not really getting that look and feel you were going for in your studio? We have a solution for that! Virtual Environments have to ability to take your presentation to any location you see fit. 

Below is our CEO against a green screen and how we can help translate that into something so much more.

On-Demand Materials

Looking for a way to distribute your presentations after your event? No problem! Our creative team can edit your presentations and include slide references so that your attendees have the ability to view your content on-demand.

Below is an example of what a post event video could look like.

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