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An Exclusive Look At AVmedia's Safety Procedures.

It’s one thing to say that we, AVmedia Inc., strive to be the cleanest, safest, and most secure production company in the Nation, but we want you to hear it directly from our teams in the field. Like the majority of businesses in the world, we’ve had to adapt. We won’t lie to you, it’s been a difficult few months. However, we’re more fortunate than most thanks to our team and our technological and capabilities. AVmedia Inc. has always had a strong focus on technology and innovation when it comes to meetings, events and communication.

AVmedia Safe Practices and Technology

When the Coronavirus began to wreak its havoc across the globe, our AVmedia family was hard at work innovating and developing even more ways to keep businesses and teams better connected all while protecting their health and safety. Very slowly and with great care, we’ve begun to once again produce meetings and events.

During the beginning of the Covid pandemic meetings were quickly cancelled and postponed and we began to shift our focus towards livestreaming, webcasting and hybrid events. But the fact is, board meetings and employee trainings need to happen to keep these businesses going. Fortunately, because our specialty in live event production, we are masters of strategy and accustomed to having to make necessary changes on the fly. To protect our AVmedia family and our clients, we’ve made those changes in all areas of our business.

Safety Driven By Leadership

Our CEO and Captain of Culture, Josh Greenberg, has set the standard within the main offices that align with CDC guidelines asking employees to wash their hands when they come into the office, masks are worn, proper social distancing is practiced, and sanitizers and cleaning products are dispersed throughout, “no exceptions” he tells us. He’s also set limits to the number of employees that may be in a community space at one time.  Though not all our team works within the traditional office.

Event Production and Hotel Partnerships

We are fortunate to have some incredible hotel partners. These hotels are effectively implementing safety protocols of their own, but we add our own protocols as additional layer of protection. AVmedia Inc.’s leadership and expert partners helped us to produce our safety and sanitation guidelines, and our team has had made every effort to implement these guidelines immediately. “I have been wearing my mask at all times, keeping 6 feet away from clients whenever possible, and wiping down mics and wireless remotes in between presenters,” says Greg Guthrie, Director of Audio Visual and Creative Services at our partner hotel The Alfond Inn in Winter Park, Florida.

Some teams, like those over at partner hotel Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe, have even taken these safety standards much further. Regional Director of Audio Visual and Creative Services, Jerry Atkinson tell us, “We actually set up a stage as a single piece to ensure social distancing when we did the Grand Opening of Margaritaville”

And from our stage pieces to every piece of our equipment, our Vice President of Operations, Dave Allen, has seen to it that our warehouses and events have all of the necessary sanitation devices to ensure everyone's safety including masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes and other approved cleaners for ongoing sanitation of high touch items. Of course, social distancing is also practiced in the warehouse and onsite locations thanks to our “no touch mic” setups and “Clean Zones” for presenters' backstage that are isolated from All Crew.

AVmedia's Promise to Clients

It’s one thing to maintain these safety and sanitation practices within the workplace where it is mandatory, but our leadership takes it even farther and reminds us that, “When out in public, just be smart folks. Wash hands. Keep some distance per guidelines and live your lives. This is going to be a long battle.” they tell us. “But, if everyone does their part, as you can see, people want to get back to normal... So, take good care, and let’s kick butt at work and take care of each other and our clients at the same time. That is a key promise in our core values.”

And as the world continues to move forward, we at AVmedia inc. are still here serving people the way they WANT to be served. Let us know how we can safely help you plan your next meeting or event – face to face, hybrid or virtual. 

For more information regarding AVmedia virtual, live and hybrid event options please contact us at


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