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AVmedia PRESENTS - Your Virtual Event Solution

AVmedia continues to be your turn-key solution production partner. In this latest post, we want to make all our readers and supporters aware of AVmedia PRESENTS.

AVmedia PRESENTS is more than a platform, it is our complete method of supplying virtual and hybrid event production solutions for our customers – for new customers and for our many returning customers. Here are four reasons why our AVmedia PRESENTS process is important for your next virtual or hybrid event.

1. Have an Experienced Event Producer on Your Side

AVmedia will collaborate with you from the ideation of your event, understanding your needs and goals while being mindful of budget, and finally executing a truly memorable experience. This partnership includes helping you to build your content with consistent theming to make your message all the more impactful.

2. A Portal to Your Event

You [our wonderful customer] will have a customized registration as well as an Event Portal page for your event to take place. This event portal page can include features like live Q&As and interactive polling for more audience engagement. Your attendees take part remotely via internet to view presentations. Webinars can be accessed through the web or mobile device.

3. Consistent Theme

The event is further customized with the same effective theming as was used for the event portal. Your dedicated web portal not only manages your registration process and allows your attendees to easily navigate their sessions, but it also allows them to engage with the presenters and with other participants throughout the event. If you need a little creative assistance, we offer more than a blank canvas. AVmedia offers content creation including pre-production of videos, editing, slates for presentations, and post-event editing - providing you content for future programs and marketing. Need a little something extra? Again, we are that turn-key solution, so please just let us know.

4. Analytics

And, finally, an important aspect for professional event planners and businesses alike are the analytics. AVmedia PRESENTS offers real time analytics during and post event that allow you to know where your attendees are the most engaged.

AVmedia PRESENTS is your answer to virtual and hybrid event hosting. If you would like to learn more about how AVmedia PRESENTS can help with your Virtual Event needs, give us a call, or reach our AVmedia family at, we can help you to create the event that fits all your needs.


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