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AV Hacks That Save Time and Headaches!

It’s always the little things that trip up even the most experienced meeting planner. We want to help make sure the little things stay little so you can focus on the big thing… your event!

If you’d like to consult with a professional regarding your specific event, click the link below!

#1: Whether your event is big or small, don’t skimp on show flow and presentation basics.

Even if your General Session is “unscripted” you should have a general idea of how the presentations will flow from start to finish.

At a minimum, you should identify each speaker that will take the podium, and how long they will be allowed for their presentation. Be sure they are aware of their time. No one wants to show up with 30 minutes of content only to find that they have 20 minutes to complete it.

#2: Forgotten Fonts

Ensure you and your AV provider have installed your approved fonts on all editing and presentation devices. It seems like a simple tip but is often forgotten.

When creating your presentations or working with your Creative team, make sure your fonts are larger than size 12. Also, keep graphs with extreme detail to a minimum.

#3: It is NOT One-Size-Fits-All

Remember that Projection and LED screens are not created equal. Each will require a different aspect ratio. For example, a 16:9 PowerPoint Presentation would need to be converted to a different size for an LED Wall due to the slight differences in panel widths and height. This is especially true when using ultra-wide surfaces.

AVmedia Project Managers can provide you with the correct aspect ratios and pixel counts to help you format your media. We also have a creative team that can help you design your PowerPoint and Video Presentations!

Even if you have your own graphics team creating your content, you should review all of the content no less than 3 weeks before the show with your Production team to ensure what you created will work optimally on the palette provided.

#4: Breakouts Are Important Too

Drive for show and putt for dough.

Like golf, planning a successful event is about putting together a complete package. While so much energy and attention can be focused on the General Session (the drive), the short game (putting) is where you can have an enormous impact. Your breakout sessions are just that!

Picture this. You planned breakouts with “basic” gear like a microphone and a projector. On show day, your presenter takes the podium and hits play on a video in their presentation. What plays?

A video with no SOUND! EEK!

Remember, the breakout meetings are usually where the rubber hits the road from a training or content standpoint. That’s where a lot of your ROI will be realized! Don’t treat them as an afterthought. Ask all your presenters if they have audio in their presentations. If they say yes, make sure to share that detail with your AV provider so they can have the right presentation equipment in the room.

While we’re at it, don’t use Tripod screens if you can avoid it. Use a good fast-fold surface or even LED screens for your breakouts. Visual fatigue can set in if the image is warped or not very bright and that will affect how much content is absorbed by your attendees over time.

In the end, don’t let the little things bog you down. Pay attention to those small details as they can make the difference between a successful event or a big waste of money!


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