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Hybrid Events

As both travel and gatherings become permissable, this type of event is more like the kind of event you plan all the time, but with a smaller, “socially distanced” audience.  This meeting would take place in a hotel meeting space with a full AV Production support.  There will be a live audience in the room, however smaller than normal. Additionally, there will be a good size “remote” audience beyond the one in the room, so a webcast element is necessary.  
(NOTE:  this type of event is likely the event of the near future, as it’s easy to pivot to a 100% virtual event should a quarantine situation arise again.)

Event Capabilities_1@4x.png
  • Live Demonstrations (In-Person and Online)

  • Breakout Sessions (In-Person and Online)

  • Schedule of Events (In-Person and Online)

  • Digital Signage

  • Interactive Expo Halls

  • In-Person Expo Halls

  • Event Page Portal

  • Keynote Speaker Presentations (In-Person and Online)

  • Panel Discussions (In-Person and Online)

  • Training Sessions (In-Person and Online)

Features Available@4x.png
AVM presents logo.png
  • Live Q&A

  • Live Chat

  • Online Registration

  • Click Analytics

  • Attendee Profile Creation

  • Live Polling

  • Word Clouds

  • Graphic Assistance (I.E.- Opening Videos, Speaker Transitions, Lower Thirds, and more!)

  • On-Demand Viewing

  •  ​​

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