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You already know how to take care of the audience in the hotel, but do you know how to capture the attention of a remote audience?  One thing is certain…you need to RESPECT this audience, and not treat them as an “extra”.  They’re your future “in-person” attendees!  


There are a number of important questions you will need to consider.  


Following are a few of them…

  •  Pre-Event After an attendee learns of your event, what happens next?  How efficient is the registration/sign up process?  Will the attendees be required to download any programs? 

  •  Day of Event  How long will each segment be?  
    How will you keep their attention throughout?  Should you “Gamify” the experience?   How will they ask questions?  (Text, Conference app or via the Platform?)  Is there an in-person audience in addition to the remote one?  How do you respect both? (Consider a Web Moderator).  What do you do about Coffee Breaks, receptions, lunches and dinners?  (There are actually some very creative things you can do to serve the remote audience for these types of functions!)

  •  Post-Event  How will they access the webcast upon conclusion?  How long should it be available?  How do you follow up to poll remote attendee satisfaction?  Does participation in your event come with “continuing education credit”?  If so, how do you track it?  

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